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Welcome to the newest website catering for everyone from couples, singles, those with medical conditions all the way to the over 85s in the UK.

We are dedicated to finding the best prices for travel and holiday insurance abroad. Select from the following options travel insurance for seniors options

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We have access to the best travel insurance products on the web for the UK pensioner and will ensure your online research is easier than ever!


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Many people now are taking mini career breaks of varying lengths of time. Popular lengths includes travel cover for four months and also holiday insurance for 7 months too.

Foreign Office Guide to using ehic

Older people going online more

Older people are using online tools and apps more than was ever thought. Research conducted as seen a massive rise in the silver surfer using the Internet to plan their trips around Europe and beyond.

Older travellers are no longer just relying on local travel shops and agents on the high street, they are turning to their smart phones, ipads and desktop computers for the latest travel deals.

The over 85s are now booking such travel products as hotel rooms, flights all over the World, car hire and rental as well as travel insurance and medical cover.


September 2013

Age UK warns that a "concerning" north/south divide is rising across the country, with over double the quantity of these aged over sixty five mistreatment on-line services in Surrey compared to Tyne and Wear.

It found solely four regions wherever the proportion of previous individuals attached to the online outnumbered people who don't use the net.

Those while not access to on-line services area unit unable to require advantage of the numerous web-based offers out there, together with appreciable discounts once shopping for things like seniors travel insurance over the net.

David noble, of Age UK, delineated it as "concerning" that in some components of the country over double as several older individuals area unit ready to access the advantages of being on-line than in alternative areas.

He needs the govt, native authorities and businesses to produce larger help for individuals over the age of sixty five once it involves mistreatment the net.

The study found older people with lower wealth, those living alone and people in comparatively worse health area unit least probably to access on-line services.

Those in Tyne and Wear area unit least probably to possess embraced the digital age, with simply twenty eighth within the region mistreatment the net.

In comparison, sixty three of their counterparts in Surrey - one in all the four counties wherever a larger variety of older individuals area unit on-line than offline - use the online. the opposite 3 area unitas are Suffolk, Buckinghamshire and Bedfordshire.

"More services from the non-public and public sectors area unit moving on-line in an exceedingly bid to create important price savings," intercalary Mr noble.

"However, if they need older individuals to use these services, they have to assist them get on-line within the initial place with tailored and current support.

April 2013

Latest from travel insurance world is that sites like are expected to face a significant increase in the number of compensation claims made, it has been revealed.

According to the law firm Travelaw, as the financial crisis continues, insurers may witness a rise in the number of claims made.

Stephen Mason, Managing partner of the British firm stated that already there had been an increase in the number of claims filed over the winter.

The firm warned insurers that as the current economic climate continues to fall, more holidaymakers will ensure they get what they paid for.

He said: “On the one hand travel companies are facing more claims and on the other they have fewer staff to deal with them.

It's been a pattern in the last few downturns. When times are hard and affording a holiday is pushing the budget, claims are much more likely.”

Some insurers offer travel insurance with no excess which can help if you are likely to make a claim.

Its never been more important to get cheap seniors insurance

Most trips and holidays from the UK are to the continent and it has never been more expensive for Brits to travel there thanks to the strong Euro.

Thats why you should shop around for both currency exchange and good european travel insurance cover.

Why are we different?

We specialise in providing travel insurance options for older people in the UK and specialise in trips to Europe and beyond.

We will shortly be providing full reviews of some of the most popular travel insurance providers for the over 80s such as Insure for All, Marks and Spencers, Direct Line and Churchill.

Easyjet to Launch in flight travel insurance over 80

The airline has made the move in response to research suggesting that one in five UK holidaymakers set off on their vacations uninsured, which in easyJet's case equates to around 20 to 30 people per flight.

Passengers in-flight can choose from a five-day or 14-day adult single trip European policy, which covers medical emergencies, loss of baggage and passport, personal accident and personal liability, with prices starting from £15.00 per person.

Customers are then presented with a pack, which includes the policy wording and other important information such as medical assistance and claims telephone numbers.

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